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At HLH Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality of people who work with you. Every person works hard to ensure that each task is done efficiently, and most importantly, the job is done RIGHT.


Our team will work with your organization to discover exactly what your needs are; design and implement solutions that take advantage of cost reduction strategies, improve quality and productivity, and provide structure and training of existing staff that will help you continually make improvements.


Our team is well trained and has many years of experience in every aspect of the janitorial industry. We design solutions that foster custodial excellence.


Our staff provides outstanding technical support for the successful implementation of a fully operational third-party management software solution.


Our instructors continually develop, update, and present classes on the latest industry standards and techniques for custodians and supervisors. We also provide manager/supervisor training on setting goals, measuring quality and performance, inspecting job performance, providing feedback, and coaching techniques.

HLH Systems • Toll Free (866) 416-0005 • Local (614) 799-0005 • info@hlhsystems.com

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